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About Us

おい, I'm Abner - founder & CEO of Otaku Action. Thank you for your interest in us and we welcome you to our online store! Everything we do, we believe in thinking differently. We believe in creating a better everyday life for our customers while inspiring everyone to take action with their passions. Please feel free to read below to gain knowledge of our vision & operations.



Our Mission 

Here at Otaku Action, we strive to provide our customers with quality apparel & create unique anime designs that are not just loved by anime fans, but by all those who wear them! We believe in doing this while building trust & offering affordable pricing so you can take action and enjoy all the benefits of quality anime merchandise without breaking the bank!







How We Operate 

Otaku Action is based in the U.S.A. and our apparel is 100% on-demand manufacturing. This means that we don't hold any inventory. Instead, when you place an order, our U.S. manufacturer will fulfill your product(s) instantly with new garments! This ensures that the product(s) you order are freshly made every time and beautifully designed specifically for you! The manufacturing process does not start until your order goes through. This eliminates having to hold inventory of loads of clothing that will just get old and dusty over time. With our on-demand manufacturing, you will get the best & newest quality garments we have to offer! 






Design & Quality

When it comes to designing and how the design quality will come out on our garments, we focus on this intensely as it's our passion. When designing, we are inspired by anime & streetwear. It's always been a dream to combine anime & streetwear together and here at Otaku Action, we made that vision into a reality. We wouldn't design something we wouldn't wear ourselves! We make sure that the design prints on your piece of apparel perfectly ensuring that our detailed designs look fresher than anything out there; it'll surely be something you'll love to wear! 

Before packaging, our manufacturer runs a series of quality checks on both the design and garment to ensure there are no tears or fadeaways. We never reuse old garments. This ensures that the product(s) you’re about to receive is new to the touch.







Our Garments

We currently use Bella+Canvas for all of our shirts - both long & short-sleeved. Bella+Canvas is a well know premium shirt provider based in LA and we've partnered up with them because we love the fit, feel, and quality of their garments.

As for our sweatshirts & hoodies, we've chosen to partner up with Gildan. Gildan's garments are soft both on the inside & outside and extremely comfortable. We know you'll love the quality and feel of these garments when you receive them!





Here's What To Expect When You Order

We instantly get to work on it. Average production time is about 2 – 4 business days (in rare cases it can take up to 7). When ready, it goes through one last quality check before being securely packaged. Once secured, we ship it out to you with USPS Priority Mail (~ 2 – 4 business days)

Once you received your one of a kind product(s), you'll feel empowered because you know that your product(s) are freshly made specifically for you and your order was part of an eco-friendly process that contributed to the U.S. fair wage labor for the printing. Our designs aren't just for show but they serve a purpose. We inspire you to take action and rep your passions!




We Love Feedback

If you have any questions let me assure you that there is nothing to worry about. Please feel free to contact us at any time using this email: Support@OtakuAction.com or by visiting our Contact Page.

Still unable to find what you are looking for on our store? No worries! Just let us know what you would love to see and we will make your vision into a reality by letting some of our most experienced designers create a custom variation for you! We can assure you it'll be something empowering that you can show off and feel proud of, as we consider our customer's satisfaction our #1 priority.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. I believe that together, we can take action and inspire & empower everyone with our designs. For that reason, our team creates unique designs every week, so you will have something new to look forward to whenever you visit again. I appreciate the time you took into reading this and I hope you stay safe & take care. Oh and don't forget, take action and rep your passion for anime :) 

-Much Love, Abner

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